Erotic Adventures


Oh little slut.  Shut up and get on the floor.  Don’t even look at me.  You don’t deserve the absolute pleasure of gazing upon my beauty.  You’re here because you know what a useless, pathetic slut you are.   You try to hide what a little sissy slut you are, but I know the truth.  You are my sex slave.  You can’t hide your need to be dominated by me.  As soon as your trembling fingers dial my number, you belong to me.  The possession has already begun.  With other girls you do your best to play the part, fucking them missionary style, like a good boy.  But I know you’re bored.  And you can’t stop thinking about my voice.  I am inside your head, just like that toy you have shoved up deep into your helpless ass.  Because you can’t say no to me—and let’s be honest, you don’t want to.  You can’t get enough of your new addiction---you’re hooked on the Goddess who makes you her slave.  You’d do anything to be owned by me during our regular BDSM training sessions.  In fact, I’ve got you shopping for the naughtiest things!  Hot pink panties, silk blindfolds, big toys to fill your needy little ass, anal beads, and more.  You can’t stop thinking about your Divine Mistress and fully surrender to me—even when my voice isn’t seducing you on the other end of the line.  Because I’ve got you baby.  You are totally and completely owned.  You know you can’t fight the urge to submit to me any longer.  Your pathetic life will never be the same.  I’ll have you wearing panties, licking pussy, and getting all your holes filled in no time. 

Tease and Denial: Erotic Torture at the Hands of the Goddess

I know how hot I am. In fact, since I first developed breasts and these killer curves, I learned something very powerful: that I can control men just by letting them look at me. That’s how I got into the exquisite experience of Tease and Denial sex. So I let them look, but never touch. Even in grade school, wearing my short skirt, tight blouse, and knee-highs, I noticed that my male teachers would get the strangest looks on their faces, put their hands over their crotches, and excuse themselves to the restroom. I really didn’t understand what was happening until later, when I was alone with a teacher for extra tutoring, and he suddenly pulled this huge cock out of his pants! I was shocked, and even more surprised when I felt a hot wetness between my thighs. I grabbed my books and ran out of the classroom. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though, and found myself teasing my pussy later that night. The power trip over my teachers, over all men, was just intoxicating. Boys used to say I was a tease, just for the way I looked—but they were just frustrated because they weren’t getting any of my hot, sweet little cunt. If you’re ever so lucky as to be prostrate before me, I’ll tease you to no end, bending over, putting my hot wet pussy in your face, and pulling away before you can taste me. I’ll make you watch me play with another sexy girl, and lock your cock up in a chastity device so that your orgasm is mine. You’ll watch me cum and cum and know that I won’t allow you the pleasure. I’ll drive you wild with desire, and then leave you hanging. Maybe after a few training sessions, if you show me that you’re obedient, I’ll allow you some release. But for now, you’re helpless under my spell.

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